Michael James Levy - Actor


Michael James Levy is an actor and photographer in New York City.  He originally hails from Columbia, MD.

Michael has spent the last 7 years in New York acting in commercials, TV (Law&Order: SVU), film (Adam Sandler's "The Week Of"), web-series, and simultaneously uses his unique visual flare for fashion photography and celebrity/artist portraits.  

He currently is training at comedy mainstays The PIT and UCB Comedy.

Early Life

After college, Michael spent several years as an Art Director in regional fashion shoots in Maryland while he acted in local commercials and tv shows.  Within 2 years, he moved into New York, having done a showcase with the ABC Network and joining with agency Don Buchwald & Associates, and manager Josselyne Hermaine and Associates.

Michael got his start doing theater roles in high school while acting as the master of ceremonies for school assemblies.  He contributed most of the media being generated by the student body, either in front or behind the camera.  This line of work continued on into his time at Johns Hopkins University where he spent most of his time acting in musicals, sketch comedy, and dramas with several student groups, while achieving a degree in Digital Media and Film (and Photography).  

His most recent work can be found at  http://imdb.me/michaeljameslevy

His photography work can be seen at 


Recent News (2018-now)

My kitten (unofficial daily motivator) came home today.  Meet Leona, the Scottish fold.  Does not book jobs or guarantee work, but is fine with pay through meal plans.

American Association of Orthodontics commercial booking.  I inadvertently become a great kid's father for a day.  I hear my face is plastered all over Chicago for some reason.  

I marry the love of my life in Lyons Colorado, during the wedding photo portion we surprise my 99 year-old grandma and turn her into a wedding fortune cookie.

"The Week Of" premieres on Netflix and my wife and I attend the premiere.  This was a role that was created for me by Adam Sandler and director Robert Smigel (since they liked my audition THAT much).  My wife keeps asking for a picture with Adam.  When am I gonna be enough?!

Continuing on-going classes in both Scott Freeman's and On-Camera Bob Krakower's classes.  Both are completely different people with equally significant wisdom. 

Having a blast returning to Terry Schreiber's digs to continue studies with amazingly talented  folks of all types and sorts.

Back in session with The Pit since August, enjoying nights laughing with other non-judgmental, dysfunctional people who really have some dark stuff to unravel.  Joyous.

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